Why would I want to start a Christian gift boutique?

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     Why would I want to start a Christian gift boutique?  I've been in retail my entire career. I started working when I was 16 years old at a local giftshop/candy/Hallmark store.  It was the best!!  I worked for a local grocery store, did a brief stint with a government office (not my cup of tea), worked a couple different home party/sales positions and have worked over 30 years for a big box retailer (21 years in HR, 9+ years in customer service).  So you would think it was because retail is in my blood, right?  I mean, I even volunteered to head up the church gift shop!                                                                                       But the real reason is because of what my local Christian bookstore meant to me and now there are no local Christian bookstores in my community.  When my children were little and life became overwhelming, I would take an afternoon to myself and head to the local Bible bookstore and just wander the aisles.  It was quiet, peaceful and relaxing. It just had a very calming atmosphere.  Christian music was playing in the background.  Books, gift items, greeting cards, scripture - it was everywhere and it was ALL of my favorite things!  Maybe it was the scriptures everywhere reminding me I wasn't alone and that everything was going to be alright.  Or maybe it was the books I was looking at that reminded me that everybody goes through trials and God doesn't expect us to go through them alone.  Or the pretty little gift items that were so cheerful or the greeting cards that are always so fun to send and receive (I mean who doesn't like getting a card in the mail instead of a utility bill?).  It could have been the uplifting music playing in the background that soothed my anxieties.  Sometimes I made a purchase and sometimes I didn't, but I always left feeling a little lighter than when I went in.                                                                                                           Today, almost all the national bible bookstores are gone and the local stores are few and far between.  I miss having my happy place to go to.  I'd like to create a place where you can wander the virtual aisles and find gifts for those special occasions, little reminders that you can share with a friend who is feeling down and encouragement that reminds us that everyone has trials and tribulations but there is a God who loves us, knows all about what we are going through and will be with us each step of the way.  Welcome to Encouraging Faith!!                                                                                                                       Talema

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