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Bible Highlighting can help you focus and go deeper in to the text.  With a set of 6 gel highlighters, you have a multitude of possibilities on creating your own color coding system.  And these highlighters will not bleed through thin Bible pages.

*Garden Highlighters - Available for a limited time, these 6 soft bright colors and dual tips—chisel and bullet—these highlighters make adding a touch of color to notes and text easy and enjoyable! Plus, thanks to their quick-dry, no-bleed technology, you can make sure your special words are clear and beautiful.

*Pastel Gel Highlighters - yellow, orange, pink, green, lt. blue and gray

*Scented Gel Highlighters - yellow, orange, pink, green, bright blue and purple.  This scented set is slightly different than the pastel set; several colors are slightly different and the formula is a dry gel formula. 

*Muted Pastel Highlighters - These 6 soft pastel highlighters have dual tips - fine point and broad - as well as a square design that prevent them from rolling away.  Their quick-dry, no-bleed technology assure you that those special words will be clear with a touch of color.


Important: Be sure to keep the caps on so they do not dry out!

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