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  * This softcover book is a great tool to use when you're in need of prayer but the words just won't form or as a learning guide to assist you in learning how to pray more effectually.  Prayers include everything imaginable that you may encounter during your day - Dishes, Laundry, Cooking and Cleaning, Social Media, Productivity, Weight of Demands, Before Spending Time in Scripture, Motherhood, Your Spouse, Singleness, Mundane and so many more.  The Lord encourages us to come to Him for all our needs and this book is an example of that. 89 pages

  *Thirty-one Days of Prayers for Others is designed to help you grow in praying for others by walking you through 31 days of prayer.  Each day will have a category or person and a scripture to read and prompts to help guide your prayers.  There will also be a daily action step to put into practice what you prayed for that day.  Softcover, 109 pages

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